Saddle & back templating kit

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Your horse will often change shape without you realising

which can affect the fit of your horse’s saddle. This kit allows you to monitor your horse’s back as it changes in shape, and will help you identify when you need to call out your Saddle Fitter for a check or an alteration.


The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit has 4 functions:

Initial Saddle Check

What? The Perfect Fit Kit is YOUR tool to check your saddle ensuring the perfect saddle fit, measure your horse and monitor change.

Correct Information

Why? To give you the right information to discuss with your saddle fitter, to help monitor your saddle fit or to assist when buying your next saddle.

Monitor Changes

How? Purchase your kit today, contact your saddle fitter and continue to monitor changes using the simple to use template kit.

Check your Saddle

When? Check your saddle monthly, contact your fitter with any concerns and keep records.

The Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit

This saddle fitting kit will help you to check the fit of your saddle and learn about important aspects of saddle fitting. The kit contains:

  • detailed instructions
  • a flexible curve
  • chalk
  • template cards

Our testimonials

Poorly fitting saddles are one of the most common causes of discomfort and are often attributed to behavioural issues in ridden horses. I encourage everyone to work with their saddle fitter, use the Perfect Fit Kit to check and monitor the shape of your horse's back and understand when it has changed and that then you need to get your saddle fitter to come and check it for you. The Perfect Fit Kit is an important tool for welfare, plus only by ensuring the comfort of your horse can they perform at their best.

Dr David Marlin
Sarah Parry Saddles Direct QSF SMS

  An excellent and simple tool for owners to monitor changes to the shape of their horse's back so they can notify me. As soon as a change in the horse's profile has been identified, my customers send me photos of the template. This means swift action can be taken and I can turn up to the appointment prepared and informed.

Sarah Parry, SMS Saddle Fitter- Saddles Direct
International Academy of Saddle Fitters

  The Perfect Fit Kit is an essential piece of equipment in any horse owners tool kit. The horse owner is at the forefront of equine protection and in using this tool they can help to protect their horse from saddle damage and also keep an eye on their development! What a wonderful concept.

Lisa – Founder of The International Academy of Saddle Fitters (IASF)

“It is just great to see someone giving all the right information needed. We make Saddles for customers all over the world and this helps with the Saddle measuring information required. It makes the job a lot easier to do and understand.”

Frank Baines

“As a chiropractor of 15 years standing I have seen and treated a lot of horses with back problems and a lot of these have been caused by ill fitting saddles, if the owners had access to a simple way of checking their saddle fit a lot of distress to the horse would have been eliminated, now we have a product that will do just that well done for thinking of it.”


“At shows and competitions I see so many riders using saddles that don’t fit. There’s no way a horse can perform properly if they are in pain or restricted by the fit of the saddle. This kit should put an end to that.”


  The Perfect Fit Kit is a brilliant tool I like to use when I am rehabbing a client's horse. It allows clients to see how quickly horses develop and therefore change shape during the rehab process. This allows them to reach out to saddle fitters to adjust their saddles before they start having a detrimental affect on a horses back.

Laura Mundy- Certified Equine Therapist & Saddle Fitter

  A fantastic product! The Perfect Fit is a simple way for horse owners to track changes in their horse's profile- especially helpful for my customers with horses who change shape regularly- as soon as they notice a change, they can contact me to book in a saddle check! Simple!

Judith Richardson MSFC
Saddle Fitter with Small pony

When clients ask me ‘when should I next have you out to check my saddle fit?’ and, candidly, no saddle fitter is able to give a perfect answer in response, this is where The Perfect Fit Kit comes into play excellently! My clients can use The Perfect Fit Kit to guide them in recognising when they need me to come out to make alterations to their saddle fit and thus making every consultation relevant.

Jasmine Gutsell- Ivy House Saddlery (IASF)